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finn_mcgregor_250Oldenburg colt sired by Freestyle out of my mare Cordova

My mare Nova gave birth to a gorgeous black colt at 8pm on April 12th, 2010.

He came very quickly into the world, in perfect health with the same big star on his forehead as his mother, Cordova (Nova). He is a very curious little guy and adores receiving as much attention as anyone is willing to give him. He is such a well built and nice colt that he needed an extra special name, so I decided to call him 'Finn' after Edmund John Finnerty who we all know loved just as much as I do!!


Horsin' Around

Shereen Thompson looks child-like aboard Poe, an eight-year-old Clydesdale she rescued a year ago, as they ride in a parade to kick off the Dresden Exhibition on Friday. 

Poe is a contender for the Guinness Book of World Records for the tallest horse.  The record presently stands at just over 19.3 hands.  Poe is 20.2 hands. 

He was a hit at the parade with onlookers constantly asking how large the horse is.

Danny Morin

Born June 7, 1947 in Montreal Quebec.
Died May 14, 2001 in Hull Quebec.
Danny was the first born child of Mary Elizabeth Finnerty and Roger Morin.



Presenting River Stevens

River Jaelyn Stevens

The Scott Family Geneaologist wishes to announce the birth of River Jaelyn Stevens, daughter of Shereen Thompson and Todd Stevens, grandaughter of Jackie Morin and great-grandaughter of Mabeth Finnerty Morin.

River was born on Sunday January 13, 2008 at 2:18 PM weighing 8lbs 13oz and measuring 21 inches with a head of dark hair.

Mother, father and baby are all doing well. Welcome to the family River!

More details in the forums .


Shereen Thompson (daughter of Jackie Morin) and her partner Todd Stevens are expecting their first child in January.