Joe Scott Joseph Scott born March 7, 1906 in Greenock, Scotland:
Died March 24, 1972 in Montreal, Quebec.
Son of Hugh Dupong Scott and Elizabeth Logan.

He emigrated to Canada from Scotland in July, 1918.

Joe met his wife, Grace Purvis, in Talara, Peru. Grace had followed her sister there and was under contract as a school teacher. They were married on December 28, 1933 and had one daughter, Dorothy, born in Peru.

Joe left Montreal in 1924 at 18 years of age for Talara, Peru to work for International Petroleum (subsidiary of Imperial Oil). He worked in Talara for 22 years, returning to Montreal in 1946 where he worked for Imperial Oil Ltd. until 1968 or 1969 when ill health forced him to retire early.

His health deteriorated and he spent over two years in various Hospitals before he died at the Montreal Protestant Hospital in March 1972.

He is buried at Town of Mount Royal Cemetery in Montreal, Quebec with his mother and father and two sisters Ettie and Bett.

- Author: His daughter Dorothy Scott