William ScottWilliam was the ninth child and sixth son born to Joseph Scott and Ann Dupong.
He was born
13 March 1880 at 11 P.M. in Ayr, Scotland.
He died in 1917 in South Africa.

William was born at 1 Albert Place in Ayr, Scotland. His father Joseph was present at his birth.

In 1881 William was 1 year old and living with his parents at 14 Boat Vennell, Ayr. In 1891 the family lived at 6 Gordon Place, Ayr and William was a scholar. In 1901 William lived with his parents at 8 Octavia St., Port Glasgow and was employed as a Joiner.

In Greenock as a young man he was a member of Greenock Wellpark Harriers (running club) and won  a silver medal in 1896 for a five-mile cross–country race.

He married Maria Hendry Anderson in 1906 and they had four children: Joseph, Isabella Tosh , David Anderson, and Annie Dupong.

William (Willie) Scott was known to be a carpenter in the mines in South Africa and died tragically as result of a gold mining accident.

In South Africa, he was an active member of Knights Deep Bowling Club, Johannesburg and a winner of several trophies, in what was to be his short time there.

He is buried at Germiston Cemetery in Johannesburg, South Africa.