Glenn and Janet signing the register

Gettin' Hitched Hockey Style

On April 14, 2007 Glenn Allen and Janet Meechan were married in Vienna, Ontario. Vienna is a small town near their home in Port Burwell, Ontario. A pair of tickets for Glenn and Janet's Wedding

The theme was "Hockey".  Wedding invitations were hockey tickets which encouraged guests to wear their favourite team jerseys (click the images for a larger view).

The wedding Party wore "Original 6" team jerseys.  Julia Meechan, the Bride's daughter and Maid of Honour, wore the Bride's favourite team: the Toronto Maple Leafs.  The other bridesmaids were the Bride's sister, Jayne who sported the New York Rangers and the Groom's half-sister Heather who wore the Montreal Canadiens.

Kirk Allen, the Groom's half-brother and Best Man, wore the Groom's favourite team: the Detroit Red Wings.  Glenn and Janet Allen's wedding party: Brent Allen, Jason Shelley, Kirk Allen, Glenn Allen, Janet Allen, Julia Meechan, Heather Allen, Jayne GrayThe Groom's brother, Brent Allen, wore the Chicago Blackhawks while close friend Jason Shelley wore the Boston Bruins.  The Bride and Groom wore Team Canada.

Elgin Meechan, the Bride's son, walked  his mother down the aisle.  Elgin looked very stylish in his retro  black velvet tuxedo.

No hockey event is complete without the familiar sounds of theme from "Hockey Night in Canada"... and being a Scott family wedding, there had to be a twist somewhere!  The twist came in the form of a bagpipe version of the theme from "Hockey Night in Canada".  Stephanie Allen, the Groom's sister piped the Bride down the aisle to this traditional anthem.

Janet and Glenn holding photos of their deceased father and mother

In attendance were friends and family from all over the province, and beyond.  Eleanor, Jack, Brenda, Kellie, Derek, Cassandra and MacKenzie all travelled from Toronto for the event, as did many of Glenn's friends.  The person to travel the farthest was Brent, the Groom's brother, who flew in from Scotland.  Glenn's mother, Barbara Ann, who passed away in February 2006 and Janet's father, Robert, who passed away several years ago were not forgotten.  As a tribute, photos of Robert Gray and Barbara Ann Scott were placed on the head table (Janet and Glenn can be seen holding the photos in the image on the left).  In keeping with the theme of the evening, both were hockey photos (see the photo of Barbara Ann).

As the festivities came to a close, the snow started to fall.  What a perfect way to end the evening.

Team Roster:

Away Team
  Home Team
Tina Gray   Brian & Elizabeth Allen
Members of the  Hall of Fame:
Robert Gray   Barbara Ann Scott
  Line up:  
Jayne Gray Defense Brent Allen
Heather Allen McConkey
Wingers Jason Shelly
Julia Meechan
Centres Kirk Allen
Janet Meechan Captains Glenn Allen
Up from the minors: Elgin Meechan
Official: Andras Rameshwar
Hot Air Commentator (bagpipes): Stephanie Allen
Press and Photos: Jocelyn Gordon
Team Mascot: Lucky the Dog