Hi All,

Hope you are all having a great summer. Safe one anyway.

We had a wonderful visit up to Rawdon on the weekend of the 5th for the 3 Old Dolls birthdays. Believe me, the term Old Dolls is meant only with a lot of love and respect for all three of these women (Eleanor, Dorothy and Doreen).

Eleanor, Doreen and Dorothy In fact while Dolls would fit any one of them, Old most certainly does not. I can only hope I look that good at 70 myself. Oh frig.. who am I kidding...I don't look that good now for God's sake. Oh well c'est la vie et les cigarettes tabernac!

Bruce and Lynn deserve an award for their hosting abilities. For those who weren't there, all I can say is: It was fantastic, the food was endless and their place is heaven on earth. Not a thing missing for a relaxing day for all of us. They looked so relaxed and calm too. I don't know how they did it. I'd have to take pills I think!! Thanks so much Bruce and Lynn.

Needless to say the Golf Club dinner was as superb as always. Oh, and the renovations...oh my God..what a fantastic idea the way it was done. This is one classy place I tell you. Jamie is top notch in management and he too is so calm and relaxed about everything. There must be something in the water in Rawdon, or everyone is on happy drugs!!

I also want to say how much we all missed Gordon being there and how much our hearts are just aching for all he has been going through. Irene of course is as beautiful as ever and I have always loved her so much. I think of her and their kids too of course for the months and months of worry and uncertainties they are going through too. Mabeth's memory is not very good anymore but she asks me everyday (sometime 4 times within an hour) if I know how Gordon is doing and then she says something endearing about him.

I love you all and hope to see you all again soon.