Esther Scott Lajoie

Esther was the third child and daughter born to Hugh Dupong Scott and Elizabeth Logan. She was born 21 March 1904 in Greenock, Scotland.
She died 21 May 1937 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Esther emigrated to Canada from Scotland in July 1918 with her mother, siblings and grandfather Captain Joseph Scott . Her father had moved to Canada four years earlier. Her three youngest siblings were born in Canada.

She married Albert Lajoie in 1925 and they had two sons: Robert (Bob) and Edward (Eddie).

Ettie died at such a young age that there are not too many memories to be told, but, she appears to have had a good sense of humour.

There is no doubt that she was a good mother and adored her two sons Bob and Eddie.

When she was ill she stayed at the home of her sister Bett Scott where she passed away. She was laid to rest with her mother Elizabeth , at Town of Mount Royal Cemetery in Montreal, Quebec.

- Author: Family Grapevine