Elizabeth Logan So you think you're Scottish do you?


If you are a descendent of Elizabeth Logan and Hugh Dupong Scott let's clear up that misconception! You are only half-Scottish. Elizabeth Logan was the daughter of an Irish father and an English mother. 
Read on to discover your outlaw roots.


The Logans
Our Irish Connection

James Logan was born abt. 1848 in Ireland. He was the son of James Logan (b. abt. 1813, Ireland; d. before 1877) and Mary Scully. James Logan Sr. was a Millwright.

In 1871 we find James working as a Sugarhouse Labourer and living as a Boarder at 4 Cotton Mill Row, Drumfrachar Rd, Greenock West, Renfrewshire, Scotland. Greenock was well-known for it's role in the sugar trade. By the end of the 19th century, around 400 ships a year were transporting sugar from the West Indies to Greenock for processing in the city's 14 sugar refineries. Sugar warehouses lined the port area and were used for the bulk storage of sugar.

When he married Esther Jane Falconer (nee Sealy), a widow, on 13 July 1877 at 7 Hope Street, West Parish, Greenock, Renfrewshire, Scotland James was a widower with a son James, born abt. 1873 in Ireland. The name of his first wife is unknown.

In 1881 we find James and Esther (listed as Esther Jane) living at 44 Lynedoch Street, Greenock, Renfrewshire, Scotland. James is employed as a Sugarwarehouseman. Living with them are:

James Logan (age 8, b. Ireland, occ: Scholar)
Elizabeth Logan (age 3, b. Greenock)
William Logan (age 2, Greenock)
John Logan
(age 1 month, b. Greenock)

In 1891 we find James and Esther (listed as Jane) still living at 44 Lynedoch Street, Greenock, Renfrewshire, Scotland. James is still employed as a  Sugarwarehouseman. Living with them are:

James (age 18, b. Ireland, occ: Vanman)
Elizabeth Logan  (age 13, b. Greenock, occ: General Servt Domestic)
William C. Logan  (age 12, b. Greenock, occ: Van Boy)
John Logan  (age 10, b. Greenock, occ: Scholar)
Mary Logan
(age 8, b. Greenock, occ: Scholar)
Esther Logan
(age 6, b. Greenock, occ: Scholar)
Sarah Logan (age 3, b. Greenock)
Margaret Logan
(age 11 Mos, b. Greenock)

Records indicate that James and Esther's infant daughter Margaret died in 1891 in Greenock, Renfrewshire, Scotland.

James Logan (b. abt. 1848) died on 12 February 1899 at 51 Lynedoch Street in Greenock, Renfrewshire, Scotland. The cause of death was pneumonia. His son William Logan was present and signed the record. His wife is referred to as "Jeanie Sealy" on the death record.

In 1901 we find Esther Jane (listed as Jane), a widow, living at 61 Ann Street, Greenock, Renfrewshire, Scotland. Living with her are:

William C. Logan   (age 22, b. Greenock, occ: Sugar Boiler)
John Logan  (age 20, b. Greenock, occ: Coppersmith)
Mary Logan  (age 17, b. Greenock, occ: Hosiery Finisher)
Esther Logan  (age 15, b. Greenock, occ: Message Girl)
Sarah Logan  (age 13, b. Greenock, occ: Scholar)
Clementine Logan
(age 8, b. Greenock, occ: Scholar)
Jeanie Logan (age 5, b. Greenock, occ: Scholar)

The eldest son James (b. 1873, Ireland) has not been conclusively located in 1901 census. The 1911 Scottish census is not yet available to the public.

Elizabeth Logan (b. 14 October 1877) married Hugh Dupong Scott (son of Joseph Scott and Ann Dupong ) on 8 June 1900 at The Old West Kirk, Greenock, Scotland. She died on 28 May 1934 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada and is buried at the Town of Mount Royal Cemetery, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Their 10 children were:

Annie Dupong Scott (b. 30 September 30, 1900 at 16 Regent Street, Greenock, Scotland; d. 1973 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA.) Annie married Edmund John Turnbull.
Isobella Dupong Scott (b. 2 August 1902 in Greenock, Scotland; d. 1953 in Rawdon, Quebec, Canada.) Bella married Edward John Finnerty.
Esther Jane Scott (b. 21 March 1904 in Greenock, Scotland; d. 1937 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.) Ettie married Albert Lajoie.
Joseph Scott (b. 7 March 1906 in Port Glasgow, Scotland; d. 1972 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.) Joe married Grace McClung Purvis.
William Charles Scott (b. 22 February 1908 in Greenock, Scotland; d. 15 October 1972 in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada.)  Willie married Jemima Broach Campbell.
John Scott (b. 18 April 191o in Greenock, Scotland; d. 14 March 1979 in Rawdon, Quebec, Canada.) john married Noella Daoust.
Elizabeth Scott (b. 7 June 1913 in Greenock, Scotland; d. 16 September 1985 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.) Bett married Emile Pepin and John Taugher.
Hugh Dupong Scott (b. 23 July 1919 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada; d. 12 October 1996 in Joliette, Quebec, Canada.) Hugh married Helen Wighton and Florence Hillrich.
Margaret Stewart Scott (b.14 February 1921 inMontreal,Quebec,Canada; d.8 June 2001 inKingston,Ontario,Canada.) Margaret married Harold James Butler.

Jean Douglas Scott (b. 29 August 1925 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada; d. 10 March 2011 in Rawdon, Quebec, Canada). Jean married Raymond Patrick Deignan.


Elizabeth's sister Mary Logan (b. abt. 1883) married an Angus Campbell. Mary died about 1915 in San Francisco, California, USA.


Elizabeth's sister Esther Logan (b. abt. 1885) married David Montgomery. They had eight children: James, Etta, Lydia, David Little, William, May, Elizabeth and Morag.

James married Edith. They had one daughter: Esther.

Etta married George Cropper. They had one son: David.

David Little Montgomery (b. 9 August 1912, d. 27 October 1977) married Margaret Kerr Watson (b. 8 May 1916; d. 22 November 2000). They had two daughters: Elizabeth (Ibby) Livingston and Margaret (Maggie). Maggie married George Appleton. Ibby married Malcolm Johnston Russell. They have two sons: Paul David and Eric.  Eric married Rebecca Dunbar. They have one son: Louis Alexander Montgomery.

William married May Sproule. They had two daughters: Patricia and Ann.

May married Jack Hutchinson. They had three children: Moira, Jan and Christia.

Elizabeth married John Liddel. They had two children: David and Morag.

Morag married Walter Pretty. They had two children: Heather and David.


Elizabeth's sister Jean (b. abt. 1896) married Hugh Curran. They had three children: Tom, James and Esther. Tom married Neasie Currige.



The Sealys
Our English Connection

William Charles Sealy was born abt. 1826 in Hanworth, Middlesex, England. He was the son of Charles Sealy (b. abt. 1806, Enmore, Somerset, England) and Fanny (b. abt. 1797, Worton, Wiltshire, England).

In 1851 Charles Sealy was the Manager of the Ramhurst Powder Mills in Leigh, Kent employing 19 men, 5 boys and 4 women. The Ramhurst Powder Mills later became The Tunbridge Gunpowder Works. Charles continued to hold this position in the 1861 census.

We know very little about Fanny except that she had a sister named Christianna (b. abt. 1802, Worton, Wiltshire, England) who married a George Knott (b. abt.1806, Rochampton, Surrey, England). Christianna and George (a gardener in 1861) were living with Charles and Fanny in Leigh, Kent in the 1861 census.

Charles and Fanny had at least four children. All were living with them in the 1841 census:
William Charles (b. abt 1826)
(b. abt. 1834)
George (b. abt. 1836)
Hannah (b. abt. 1839)

George Sealy married Emma (b. abt. 1832, Barking, Essex, England). They had four children: George Charles, Charles Edward, Emma and Sarah.

William Charles Sealy married Esther Morgan on 19 December 1847 in Sevenoaks, Leigh, Kent, England. Esther (chr. 16 November 1828, Leigh, Kent, England) was the daughter of Henry Morgan and Jane Ellcock.

William was working as a Powder Maker in the 1851 census in Leigh, Kent. In the 1861 census he was the Manager of Gunpowder Works (Lancashire) and in 1871 the Manager of Gunpowder Works (Argyll). It was this final job which brought him and his family to Scotland in 1865 where his daughter Esther Jane later met and married the Irishman James Logan.

William Charles Sealy and Esther Morgan had ten children:
William Charles Sealy (b. abt. March 1848, Leigh, Kent, England)
Henry George Morgan Sealy (b. abt. September 1849, Leigh, Kent, England)
Joseph Fredrick Sealy (b. abt. August 1851, Leigh, Kent, England)
Esther Jane Sealy (chr. 26 September 1852, Leigh, Kent, England)
Hannah Harriet Sealy (b. abt. December 1854, Leigh, Kent, England)
Charles Henry Sealy (b. abt. March 1855, Leigh, Kent, England)
Elizabeth Ann Sealy (b. abt. September 1856, Leigh, Kent, England)
George Matthew Sealy (b. abt. March 1858, Leigh, Kent, England)
Clementina Ada Sealy (b. abt. December 1859, Colton, Lancashire, England)
Beatrice Daisy Sealy (b. abt. 1863, Kent, England)

William Charles Sealy Jr. married Isabella Gillies (b. abt. 1849, Kilmodan, Argyllshire, Scotland) on 4 June 1867 in Kilfinan, Argyll, Scotland. They had five children: William Charles, Esther Agnes, Isabella Ada Daisy, Annie Jessie McEwan and John G. William was a witness at his sister Esther Jane's wedding in 1877.

Henry George Morgan Sealy married Annie Dick Small (b. abt. 1848, Greenock, Renfrewshire, Scotland) on 31 December 1872 in Middle Or New Parish, Greenock, Renfrew, Scotland. They had five children: Henry George Morgan, Robertson, Jeannie, Esther and William. In 1871 Henry was working as an Engine Fitter At Works at Kilfinian, Argyll, Scotland.

Esther Jane Sealy married Robert Walker Falconer on 3 October 1872 at Kilfinan, Argyll, Scotland. Robert died sometime after their marriage and before 1877 when Esther Jane, a widow, married James Logan. Esther Jane and Robert Falconer had no children.

George Matthew Sealy married Margaret (b. abt. 1859, Stevenson, Ayrshire, Scotland). They had one daughter: Margaret. In 1891 George was working as a Railway Agent at Station Ho: 6 Potterhill,  Paisley Abbey, Renfrewshire, Scotland.   

Clementina Ada Sealy had a daughter Hannah Sealy. In 1881 Clementina was working as a Milliner. In 1891 she was working as a Tailoress. She is not found in the 1901 census but her daughter Hannah , now working as a Tayloress herself, is living with her grandmother Esther at 77 Lambhill St., Plantation Landward, Govan, Lanarkshire, Scotland.

Beatrice Daisy Sealy married Peter Osborne Mooney (b. abt 1862, Ayrshire, Scotland). They had one daughter: Beatrice Daisy Sealy Mooney. In 1901 the family lived at 72 Sussex St., Kinning Park, Glasgow Govan, Lanarkshire, Scotland and Peter was working as a Mason Hewar.

We know that William Charles Sealy (b. abt 1826)  died sometime after the 1871 census and sometime before the July 1877 wedding of his daughter Esther Jane. He is listed as deceased on her marriage record. Unconfirmed records for Kilfinan, Argyllshire, Scotland include the death of  a William Charles Sealy in 1873.  Esther died sometime after the 1901 census.

The Morgans
Deeper English Roots

Esther Morgan was the daughter of Henry Morgan and Jane Ellcock (b. abt. 1796 in Kent, England) who married on 14 December 1811 in Bidborough, Kent, England. Henry was a Millright. Esther was one of eleven children:
Jane Morgan (chr. 3 July 1814)
Matthew Thomas Morgan (chr. 24 November 1816)
Fanny Morgan (chr. 6 December 1818)
Joseph Morgan (chr. 10 February 1821)
Alfred Morgan (b. abt. 1826)
Ann Morgan (chr. 24 December 1826)
Elisha Morgan (chr. 24 December 1826)
Esther Morgan (chr. 16 November 1828)
Kezia Morgan (b. abt. 1831)
George Morgan (b. 17 Nov 1833 , d. 22 Jan 1890 )
Harriett Morgan (chr. 18 June 1837)

Matthew Thomas Morgan married a Mary Pearce (b. abt. 1821, Kent, England.) They had four children: Sarah Ann, William Frederich, Matthew Thomas and Elizabeth. William married Betsy Markwick on 16 February 1864 in New Zealand where they raised a family of nine.

Fanny Morgan married John Cheesman (b. abt. 1812, Sutton Vallence, Kent, England) on 3 March 1835 in Tonbridge, Kent, England. John was an "Ag. Lab" (Agricultural Labourer) in 1851 and a "Foreman in the Gunpowder Works" by the 1871 census. They had 15 children: Matilda, William, Henry, Jane, Fanny, John, George, Eliza, Kezia, Joseph, Thomas, Albert, Philips, Arthur and Harriet. Fanny's sister Esther was living with her in 1851 census, prior to Esther's marriage to William Charles Sealy.

Joseph Morgan married Mary (b. abt. 1820, Winchcombe, Somerset, England). They had four children: Jane, Elizabeth, Kezia and Ann.

Esther Morgan was working a F.S. (Female Servant) in her sister Fanny Cheesman's home in the 1841 in Leigh, Kent.

George Morgan married Harriet Croucher (b. abt 1831, Kent, England). They had four children: George W., Henry, Ella and Arthur. George Morgan was a Millwright and Engineer.

Harriet Morgan married George Martin (b. abt. 1834, Hersham, Surrey, England). They had seven children: Minnie M. Martin, Alice, George, Frank, Edith, Henry A. and Florance. In 1871 George was working as a Licensed Victualler in Leigh, Kent.

Henry died sometime between the 1851 and 1861 census, presumably in Kent. Jane died sometime after the 1861 census where we find her, a widow, living with her daughter Harriet Martin.

Esther's father Henry Morgan (b. 10 January 1791, Tonbridge, Kent, England) was the son of Thomas Morgan (b. abt. 1753, Kent, England) and Jane Norris (b. abt. 1753, Tonbridge, Kent, England). Thomas and Jane married on 5 September 1774. Henry was one of ten children:
John Rogers Morgan (chr. 8 February 1775)
William Morgan
(chr. 30 October 1776)
Ruth Morgan
(chr. 25 February 1778)
Thomas Morgan
(chr. 16 January 1780)
Jane Morgan
(chr. 20 June 1784)
Mary Rogers Morgan
(chr. 12 February 1786)
Ann Morgan
(chr. 3 August 1788)
Henry Morgan
(b. 10 January 1791)
Charlotte Morgan
(b. 16 July 1795)
James Morgan
(b. 22 April 1798)