Elizabeth Bett Scott

Born in Scotland on June 7, 1913:
Died in Montreal on September 16, 1985.
Daughter of Hugh Dupong Scott and Elizabeth Logan .

She emigrated to Canada from Scotland in July 1918.

Bett married Emile Pepin on August 6, 1932 and they had three children: Joan, Louise and Annabella.

The family moved to Rawdon, Quebec in the late 1930's when they purchased "The Pine Lodge Hotel". Many Christmas Eve's were spent at the "Pine Lodge" with most of Bett's brothers and sisters and their families in attendance sadly, fire destroyed the hotel in 1951.

Bett became a Real Estate Agent in 1956 and worked at this occupation until her death from Leukaemia in 1985.

She is buried with her mother, father, brother Joe and sister Ettie at Town of Mount Royal Cemetery in Montreal......

- Author: Family Grapevine