Margaret Steward Scott ButlerBorn February 14 1921 at 400 Sicard Street in Montreal Quebec.
Died Friday June 8 2001 in Kingston Ontario.
Daughter of Hugh Dupong Scott and Elizabeth Logan

She met and married her husband Jim Butler in England During WWII. They had eight children: Jim Jr., Susan, Scott, Janis, Louise, Peter, Cathy, and Margo.

Margaret was only 13 when her mother passed away she spent time with her sister Bett and Bella helping them look after their children. This experience taught her what she needed to know to be a good mother; which was put to the test later in her life as she was the mother of eight children.

As a young girl Margaret was very athletic and enjoyed all games of sport.

When WWII started, Margaret joined the Canadian Women's Army Corps. She was one of the ten percent chosen to be stationed overseas. Shortly after arriving in London, England as an Army driver and after making all the social calls to assorted family members in Scotland, she met her future husband, Jim Butler.

Although she thought him to be a bit of a "Smart Ass" at first (in
particular a baseball game in which he was the umpire and she was the pitcher - something about walking too many players). Their forty plus year marriage can only be compared to one of those fiery passionate romance novels with Margaret's love for Jim enduring even years after his death.
Margaret completed her High School education at age 55, quite an accomplishment for a lady who not only raised eight children but worked at various jobs throughout the years.

Margaret enjoys a nice roast leg of lamb, homemade spaghetti with garlic bread and a wee glass of wine.

Of her pass-times euchre, knitting Afghans and going to the movies are at the top of her list.

If one word had to be chosen to describe Margaret "powerful" is what her daughter Susan would say.

Margaret passed away peacefully in her sleep at Kingston General Hospital . She is laid to rest next to her husband Jim at Catarqui Cemetery.

Author: Her niece Barbara Ann Scott Her Daughter Susan Butler Purcell