William Charles Scott Jr.

Born September 27, 1938, Montreal, Quebec
Died December 18 1982, Toronto, Ontario
Son of William Charles Scott and Jemima Broach Campbell.

He was born in Montreal and moved to Ontario in December of 1952. Known as "Bill" to his friends and co‑workers and "Billy" to his family.

The following was written by members of the Lorne Park Hockey Assoc.:

Parent, Coach, Sponsor, Director, Head Coach, Builder......

Bill was very instrumental in developing the Junior and Intermediate Hockey Leagues in Mississauga. He was always serving his community unheralded but always there when you needed him. He was a staunch Lorne Park Hockey Association supporter, not only giving of his time freely but, financially as well. Many communities have their Bill Scotts although not up front and not in high profile but, quietly in the background changing confusion into organization. Bill has passed on but has left much of himself in Mississauga, especially in the Lorne Park Hockey Association.

In his younger years he worked on the Great Lake Tanker "The Simcoe" this is when he met Daisy, the mother of four of his children: William, Nancy, Sherree and David.  After his stint on the tanker, he came to work for the family business "Scott Tank Cleaning Company".   He married Judy Robertson in July of 1968 and they had one son, Shane.

On occasion, he would take over the kitchen and Stephanie, Glenn and Brent have fond memories of the greatest French Toast they ever tasted when their Uncle Bill did the cooking.

He spent many a lazy summer day on his boat the "Chill Will" cruising some of the Great Lakes.  In the winter he could be found at any hockey arena in Mississauga doing his best at coaching.

Billy's favourite NHL team was the Boston Bruins.  Sitting around his pool at his home on South Sheridan Way, you would find him with a nice cold Carlsberg in his hand and a rare steak on his plate. Billy died suddenly of a massive heart attack while at a hockey game in Maple Leaf Gardens.

He is buried at Springcreek Cemetery in Mississauga not far from his Mother and Father.

- Author:  his sister Barbara Ann Scott