Brent Allen and Lorna and Don BellIt is with sadness that I share the news of Don Bell's passing. Don was a long-time friend of the family, Brent Allen's godfather and he spoke on behalf of Barbara Ann's children at her funeral. Don died suddenly at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre after being rushed there for emergency surgery from Credit Valley Hospital. The cause of death was a dissected aorta. Lorna, Melanie, Lisa, Peter and Brian are doing as well as can be expected. They are a close-knit family, so I expect they will draw strength from each other. Don had just turned 65 and retired in July. By all accounts he was enjoying his retirement and doing everything but relaxing. He had taken up dance and fitness classes and kept himself busy with many friends and, of course, his family. He was a proud father of 4 and Papa to 4 grandchildren.

On Sunday November 11 my band and Regiment, The Toronto Scottish Regiment , participated in the Queen's Park Remembrance Day ceremony, then we marched the Regiment up Queen's Park, along Bloor and down Spadina to Knox Presbyterian Church (the Regimental Church).


Springcreek Cemetery: Mississauga, Ontario

My Mum's headstone was installed on September 19 2007.

Brent will fly home from Scotland in the fall of 2009 when Mum will be interred with her parents.

The back garden of Brent's new house in Scotland
I'm just off the phone with our solicitor and it's official 51 Deerpark is ours! We don't have an exchange date yet as I still have to sell my flat! Hopefully soon.

I'm so excited I could wet myself.


This is Remembrance week.

Today, I bought my poppy from a box on a counter at work.I realised with some sadness that gone are the days when you would buy your poppy from a WWII Veteran.They stood proudly wearing their medals, Regimental crest and/or headdress.I always tried to buy my poppy from a real person because I liked to thank them.It is a small gesture, but it was sincere.As the years went on, it became increasingly difficult to find a WWII Veteran who was selling poppies.

Glenn and Janet Allen

Glenn Allen and Janet Meechan
Married April 14 2007

Glenn Allen (son of Barbara Ann Scott) and Janet Meechan were married on April 14 2007 in Vienna, Ontario.

thumbnail image of Barbara Ann Scott
Born 22 February 1947 in Notre Dame Hospital, Montréal, Québec.
Died 22 February 2006 Tillsonburg Memorial Hospital, Tillsonburg, Ontario.
Barbara Ann was third and the last child born to William Charles Scott and Jemima Broach Campbell.


Stephanie and Jocelyn have bought their new home!!

I was going to keep a blog of our house hunting trials and tribulations... but as it turns out we bought our house less than a week after our first meeting with our Realtor. Harkening back 4 days ago to that first day of my house-hunting blog, I wrote about "Grandma Edna's House". Well, that is the one we bought!

Jocelyn and I were both captivated by the charm and warmth of the house. It was clearly someone's home, not a house staged for re-sale. As lovers-of-history, we were drawn immediately to the original crown moulding, dark wood doors, and trim and fittings. The leaded glass bay window and the beautiful fireplace drew us into the living room... standing there we could both feel ourselves living in this house.

I would like to start off by saying that I could never have had a better present in my life unless, of course it was the birth of my three wonderful children. (All of whom are my favourite.) Air Canada Flight Details

As you know I kept a daily journal. The following pages depict the events, places and pictures of what I did.  It was the most exciting fascinating interesting three and half weeks I ever had. Meeting new relatives, being in the place where my Dad was born and grew up, “Spirit Walking” -- all of it became a very cherished memory for me.

I just wanted the three of you to know how much I love you for what you did for me and to say


Love ya


Stephanie Lynn Allen

Born to Barbara Ann Scott and Brian Allen.  Stephanie is the eldest of three.

I will write more here when I get a chance.   Right now I am just testing ...


Glenn Robert Allen Born January 1971 at some hospital.

Second child and first son of Barbara Ann Scott and Brian Allen

Brent Charles Allen Born February 1973 at Queensway in Etobicoke, the same one as Glenn. I think.  At least it's not Weston...

Youngest child of Barbara Ann Scott and Brian Allen.