David Scott Jr.

It is with deep sorrow that we announce the passing of David Scott Jr.


David is the eldest child of David Scott and Carol Moss Deacon.  He is the eldest grand-son of Billy Scott.

Obituary for David Nathan Scott

In loving memory of David Nathan Scott Jr. who passed away peacefully on February 23rd, 2019 at 34 years of age. Beloved son of Carol (Roy Deacon) and David Scott Sr. Loving fiancée of Melissa Aumont. Big brother to Brian (Angel), step-brother to Joey Lemaire (Tanya) and to Nadia. Best ever uncle to Gianna and Ava. Special grandson to Steve and Daphine Moss, Bill Scott and Daisy Delane all predeceased. Sadly missed by his uncles, aunts, nieces, nephews, cousins and friends all over the world. He leaves behind his canine friend Newfie.

David was a medical miracle and an inspiration to all of us. His charm, his handsome smile and his good humour will remain with us forever in our hearts. - May He Rest in Peace. 

Many thanks to David’s doctors, nurses and caregivers throughout his journey on Earth, especially the staff at ICU in Sudbury.

In lieu of flowers donations to Toronto Sick Kids Hospital or the Ontario SPCA would be appreciated.

Obituary Link

Service Information

Visitation: 2-5 and 7-9 pm Wednesday or after 10 am Thursday
Funeral: Thursday, February 28th, 2019 11:00 am 
Officiating: Rev. Tom Corston
Location: Lougheed Funeral Home Hanmer

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scottclanbadge.jpg Although many of us do not share the name Scott, we share the privilege of being part of the Scott clan. Traditionally, the family unit was the most important bond that drew people together. In the twentieth century, we have the ability to travel around the globe with relative ease; however, our ancestors generally lived and died in the same parish in which they were born, and likely the same parish in which their parents were born, and so on. It is that traditional geographic stability that makes the name Scott so interesting.


Our branch of the Scott Clan comes from John Scott who married Agnes Mills.  We are descended from their son, Joseph.  Joseph became a Sea Captain sailing the seas in great schooners.  Through his many travels as a Sea Captain, he met and married Ann Dupong who hailed from Ireland.

One son of Joseph and Ann, Hugh Dupong Scott met and married Elizabeth Logan on June 8 1899 in Scotland. Hugh came to Canada in 1914 to build ships for the Canadian Government in the First World War. His wife and family emigrated to Canada at the close of the war in 1918.

Now, come with me as we travel through time to see who your ancestors were and to the present to know who your relatives are...........

- Barbara Ann
Family Genealogist

bookclosed.jpg A short article by Barbara Ann about how she got started with the family genealogy, the book and the web site.

Surnames associated with this branch of the Scott clan

Allen, Ames, Anderson, Appleton, Ashey, Ballantine, Barr, Bean, Bergeron, Bergman, Billard, Birtch, Brennan, Brown, Bullock, Burns, Butler, Campbell, Capperauld, Clark, Cormier, Cropper, Curran, Currige, Dalziel, Daoust, Delane, Dunbar, Dupong, Falconer, Ferguson, Finnerty, Flynn, Giannos, Gibson, Gillies, Gilliland, Gordon, Gray, Green, Greenshields, Hager, Harlos, Haslam, Hoover, Hutchinson, Isherwood, Jodoin, Kees, Kesson, Kimmins, Lacroix, Lajoie, Liddel, Logan, Lyons, MacDonald, Majkowski, Marlin, Martin, McAdam, McGregor, McGuigan, McKnight, McLeish, McFarlane, McIlroy, McLaughlin, Meadows, Mediratta, Meechan, Merry, Montgomery, Morin, Moss, Nadon, Nisbet, Neveu, O'Hara, Outridge, Pepin, Pilon, Pinkham, Pretty, Prosser, Purcell, Purvis, Ramsay, Reid, Richard, Robertson, Robinson, Rudolph, Russell, Ste. Marie, Scott, Shaw, Skelding, Sproule, Stevens, Stewart, Thomson, Thompson, Tinkler, Titus, Turcotte, Turnbull, Trudeau, Tzorbatzakis, Vancheri, Vanderheijden, Vella, Volpato, Werner, Watson, Williamson, Wiltshire, Wylie, Yeatman, Youn