Captain Joseph Scott

Joseph was the son of John Scott and Agnes Mills.
He was born circa 1841 in Newton-on-Ayr, Scotland.
He died 5 November 1926 at 4:00 P.M. in Glasgow, Scotland.

First a brief description of the town where our Ancestor was born. Newton-on-Ayr was established as a Burgh of Barony in the mid 14th Century. This town grew as a consequence of the growth of Ayr, but it unlike Ayr, it wasn't limited by the restrictions of Royal Burgh Status. Its major growth occurred in the late 18th century with the exploitation of coal and the restrictions imposed on business and commerce in Ayr. Growth in the 19th century led to a grid pattern of development in the town, with houses of single storey being the major feature. It is today one of the northern suburbs of Ayr.

The next we know about Joseph is his marriage to Ann Dupong which took place on October 12 1860 in Ayr. Joseph and Ann had nine children Thomas, Isabella, Isabella, John, Annie, Joseph, Craig, Hugh, and William. Not only did his family expand so did his career. In 1861 he was an apprentice carpet weaver; in 1864 he was a labourer; in 1867 he was dock labourer; in 1873 he was a seaman; in 1875 he was a steam ship stoker; in 1878 he was a Master in a Dredge boat, and prior to the turn of the 20th century, he was a Master Mariner. When he retired from being ships Captain, he became the Keeper of the lighthouse "Torch", a ship which sailed up and down the River Clyde making certain that lights in the lighthouses were kept lit for the ships traffic on the Clyde.

Joseph and Ann moved quite frequently (Something I am certain I inherited from him). From the time of their marriage on Elba St in Wallacetown, St. Quivox until his death on Westmoreland in Glasgow several addresses in Greenock, Glasgow, Ayr and St. Quivox were found. After his wife Ann's death in 1914, he retired. His son, Hugh, had emigrated to Canada in during WWI leaving his wife and children to follow. In June of 1918 Joseph accompanied his daughter-in-law Elizabeth Logan Scott and her seven children to Canada. Stories recalled by his eldest granddaughter, Annie Dupong Scott, were that he made them all keep their life jackets on and he never let them sleep as he was always checking on them. Perhaps he felt for their safety as the war was not yet over. After arriving safely in Halifax there was a two day train ride to Montreal. Joseph stayed with his son Hugh and his family for a couple of years before returning to Scotland.


Joseph died 5 November 1926 at 4:00 P.M. at 84 Westmoreland Street, in Glasgow, Scotland. The cause of death was listed as Cerebral Arterial Degeneration Thrombosis. The death certificate was signed by his daughter Annie Martin.

The following is taken from his obituary in the Greenock Newspaper:

The death took place on Friday at the residence of his son-in-law (John Martin) in Glasgow of Captain Joseph Scott, who was for many years "Master of the Clyde Lighthouse Trust Steamer Torch" a position relinquished about twelve years ago.
In his younger days, Captain Scott sailed from Glasgow and other ports in sailing ships and visited most of the principal ports in the Colonies.
He was a well known figure in the Port, and had many adventures to recount of his trips in "Windjammers" at a time when the mercantile marine conditions were far from comfortable. He was held in the highest respect by the general community.
Captain Scott was eighty six years of age and was predeceased by his wife Ann (Dupong) Scott twelve years ago.
The funeral took place at Greenock Cemetery yesterday and was attended by a large number of family, friends and acquaintances.

His final resting place was located in Greenock Cemetery. He is buried with his wife, Ann Dupong, and their two small daughters both named Isabella.

There is no headstone.