Hugh Dupong ScottHugh was the eighth child and fifth son born to Joseph Scott and Ann Dupong.
He was born July 13, 1878 at 11 A.M. in Ayr, Scotland.
He died March 16, 1954 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Hugh was born at 8 High Street, Ayr. His father was not present at his birth and his mother's mark was witnessed by the Assistant Registrar James Shaw.

In 1881 Hugh was living with his parents at 14 Boat Vennell, Ayr. In 1891 he was living with his parents at 6 Gordon Place, Ayr and was a scholar.

Hugh married Elizabeth Logan on 8 June 1900 at The Old West Kirk, Greenock, Scotland. In 1901 Hugh and Elizabeth, along with 6 month old daughter Annie, were living at 62 Regent St, Greenock East, Scotland and Hugh was employed as a Ship Plater.

Hugh was a shipbuilder in Scotland and laid the keel for the Luisitania which was torpedoed off the coast of Ireland in 1915.

Hugh arrived in Canada from Scotland on 22 December 1915 on the ship "California".  He emigrated to help build ships at Vickers in Montreal for the Canadian Government. His wife, father Joseph Scott, and seven eldest children (Annie , Bella , Ettie , Joe , Willie , John , Bett ) followed four years later. The youngest of Hugh and Elizabeth's ten children (Hugh , Margaret and Jean ) were born in Canada.

During World War II he held the Rank of Warrant Engineer Officer in charge of refitting ships in the Canadian Navy. He also told an untruth when he enlisted and said that he was twenty years younger than he actually was!!!

He had a quiet personality and he was very sentimental especially when singing Harry Lauder songs.

Of his favourite foods it seems that anything was alright as long as there was plenty of Keens Hot Mustard and Curry Powder around.

He was an avid card player enjoying crib and poker and he most definitely enjoyed going to the race track.

Known as Hugh to his friends and "Faddy" to the family, with thanks to cousin Mabeth for giving him the nickname.

Faddy passed away 16 March of 1954 leaving a family that he would be very proud of!

He is buried with his wife Elizabeth and his children Ettie , Joe and Bett at the Town of Mount Royal Cemetery in Montreal.