Brent Charles Allen Born February 1973 at Queensway in Etobicoke, the same one as Glenn. I think.  At least it's not Weston...

Youngest child of Barbara Ann Scott and Brian Allen.

Now a bit about me... and with added beard!

I'm a 34 year old dislocated Canadian as I moved to Scotland in March of 2003.  I do like to get out and see places so anyone fancying a road trip let me know (car would be a helpful as road trips on CityLink aren't as fun)

I've been told I am nice/funny/ loving/ etc...  I actually think I am a cold hearted moody bastard who has a difficult time expressing it.

Humour - I think Margaret Cho is a humour Diva.  As well I love Pam Ann, stereotypical, who cares.  She makes me laugh.  As well... the commercial about a cow eating grass and rabbit, I find that funny.  What really makes me laugh... Stephanie pretending to be water in a dishwasher... just ask her!

Talents - I have had men fall in love with me for my brownies. (Thanks Jocelyn)!

Ambitions - I had wanted to be a Pilot, Deck Officer or Train Driver, but because I'm colour blind, I can't.  So I worked at sea a Purser for the past eight years.   Now, I'm considering making a change but not sure what to do. Any ideas?

I'll update this as I have more to say!