Stephanie and Jocelyn have bought their new home!!

I was going to keep a blog of our house hunting trials and tribulations... but as it turns out we bought our house less than a week after our first meeting with our Realtor. Harkening back 4 days ago to that first day of my house-hunting blog, I wrote about "Grandma Edna's House". Well, that is the one we bought!

Jocelyn and I were both captivated by the charm and warmth of the house. It was clearly someone's home, not a house staged for re-sale. As lovers-of-history, we were drawn immediately to the original crown moulding, dark wood doors, and trim and fittings. The leaded glass bay window and the beautiful fireplace drew us into the living room... standing there we could both feel ourselves living in this house.

We went and saw one other house after Grandma Edna's. Although immaculate and upgraded, it clearly wasn't the house for us. I think the juxtaposition of the 2 houses was meant to show us that the house on Little Blvd. was home.

1939_tn.jpgAnita (our Realtor) seemed to hit-it-off with the family. She owns a similar house herself and engaged them in a conversation which seemed to make the "transaction" a more personal experience, which was particularly meaningful for them because this house had been their childhood home. Anita told the family that we were really interested in history and had no intention of altering the original qualities of the house in any substantial way. The owner provided us with some photographs of the property. The image on the left was taken shortly after the house was built in 1939. It was the only house on the street at that time. We will also get the original survey from 1939 when we take possession.

As you can see by the images below, there is much that needs to be done in the way of decorating. Edna's tastes were traditional -- with a twist. Other than decorating and buying a new fridge and stove, we will be able to settle in quite nicely. Jocelyn's office will go in the small bedroom upstairs and mine will go in the basement where I can pipe without alienating our neighbours.

Our back gardenWe will also have a garden to tend. Neither of us has a particularly green thumb, but we will try. I think we will leave the perennials to do what they may, and map them out this year We won't worry about annuals until next year. Jocelyn wants to try her hand at a small vegetable garden.

Prospect Cemetery is just across the road, so no noisy neighbours!

The neighbourhood was historically known as Fairbank.

For an image gallery for our new house simply click one of the thumbnails to enlarge the image, then click the right side of the enlarged image to move forward and the left side to move back.