Danny Morin

Born June 7, 1947 in Montreal Quebec.
Died May 14, 2001 in Hull Quebec.
Danny was the first born child of Mary Elizabeth Finnerty and Roger Morin.



Danny, (as he was affectionately called by everyone) spent his younger years annoying his sister Patty endlessly. As Patty explains it: “The Friendly Giant” (a popular TV Show of our time) would open with the giant pointing to two chairs - a rocking chair and a chair for two to curl up in for his imaginary friends to use.

Danny and I both hated the chair for two to curl up in and Danny would always say "I get the rocking chair". No matter how much I ranted and raved to Mother, he always argued that he said it first and mother always  agreed to Danny's claim to the rocking chair. I was always chastised for making such a fuss. Sometimes even sent to my room.

There were days when Danny wasn't even home when the show started and Iof course claimed the rocking chair for myself, happy with the thought that he could give no rational argument to claiming the chair because he wasn't there to have claimed it first and there was no way  that mother would take his side (so I thought). I was wrong in my assumptions and regardless of logic, even if he walked in the door seconds before the show was over and uttered a claim to the chair, mother took his side when an argument ensued.

As we grew older, we would joke about this sibling rivalry and laugh about the silliness, often ending our conversation especially if on the phone or on MSN (well into our 40's by now), with one of us saying "I get the chair" and then quickly hanging up or exiting MSN so that the other couldn't respond.

Well, one day, I had quickly  typed my claim to the rocking chair as I ended our MSN chat and clicked off the program. Within seconds the phone rang. I could see it was Danny's number calling and I answered it laughingly teasing him saying, "Oh what are you going to do, call mommy and whine for the chair??" I was totally shocked to hear my mother's voice on the other end saying "Danny gets the chair!" and then click...she hung up on me!  I literally fell off my chair laughing so hard. I had no idea she was at his place.

On Friday, May 11th 2001, Danny had come to Kingston to pick up the parents for a weekend in Hull. Sunday was  Mother's Day and I decided to take her and Danny out for dinner. I told Danny the location and mother and I met him there. I saw him as soon as we walked in and silly as this may sound, I kept looking at him feeling that the image of him at the table was an image I needed to concentrate on,  a moment in time to remember. There was nothing odd about him, nothing out of place. He in fact looked better than I had seen him in a long time. Relaxed, great colour in his face. He looked great really.

We had a great dinner and a lot of laughs. I knew that he and mother were going to go to Bingo, so at the end of our meal I told them they could just go ahead and I would finish my coffee and take care of the bill.  I watched them leave and saw them pass right by the window we had been sitting at. Danny suddenly stopped.  He said something to mother and he turned  and came back into the restaurant while she waited outside. I thought he had forgotten something and I quickly scanned the table to see if glasses or something was at his end of the table.  There was nothing there.

I can only end this story reminding everyone of the old adage: Be careful what you wish for. Though it may have been important as a child to win the claim to the rocking  (and almost to the point of obsession because it always eluded me), I would give anything now to give up that rocking chair and instead have the chair for the two of us to curl up in.

- Patty


To have a big brother that was so precious to family and friends, it will be difficult to imagine a life without him His smile humour kindness and fun will be dearly missed by all he knew , but his warmth and humanity will live on forever. Although Danny’s wealth was not that of gold his generosity was second to none.  Suffice it to say If I could have one lifetime wish, a dream that could come true I’d pray to God with all my heart,  for yesterday and you.

- Jackie


Although Danny had no children of his own his partner Gisele and her children could not have been treated with more love and respect, the same for his nieces and nephews.  He used to take my kids in his arms and hold them so tightly and tell them he loved them - Chelsey my daughter was his God Daughter and his pride and joy.  He would brag about her constantly and could never get enough of her wacky personality.

I have never seen a child bond so well with his parents as Danny did, he was not just their son he was their best friend.  He adored my Mother and Father and would walk to the end of the earth to make them happy, he cherished every moment that he spent with them.

Danny was my rock and supported me through every decision in my life whether he agreed with it or not I shall miss him terribly but, I thank you for being the person you were and especially for being my big brother.

- Nancy


My Uncle Danny meant the world to me. He was probably the only one who could stand to sit and listen to me talk hours on end about horses, as he shared the same passion. And this passion we can proudly thank our "Grampa-in-Heaven" for. He would listen and give advice, but the one thing he would say over and over and I will never forget was; "...always have gentle hands." To this day I use that advice when I am training colts for show. Everytime I win a ribbon or medal, I can feel the sun shine warm on my face, and I know its him smiling at me...thank you for Nimbus, Uncle Danny, he is such a good boy......

- Shereen