tads3.jpg Annie was the first child and daughter born to Hugh Dupong Scott and Elizabeth Logan. She was born 30 September 1900 in Greenock, Scotland.
She died
10 September 1973 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA.

Annie was born at 16 Regent Street, Greenock, Scotland. The family was still living there 6 months later in the Scottish census of 1901.

Annie and six of her brothers and sisters emigrated to Canada. Their mother and grandfather (Captain Joseph Scott ) sailed from Southampton, England on June 27, 1918 on the "Olympic White Star Line", they arrived in Halifax, Nova Scotia on July 4, 1918.  After two days and nights on the train, they arrived in Montreal. They had been separated from their father (Hugh Dupong Scott ) since August 10, 1914. Annie's three youngest siblings were born in Canada.

Annie married Edmund John Turnbull (b. 5 June 1894, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada) on 30 April 1930 in Montreal, Quebec. They had one son: Edmund Albert Turnbull.

Annie worked for the "Montreal Star" until moving to the United States after her marriage to Ed Turnbull.

Auntie Annie is fondly remembered by her nieces and nephews for her delicious pink fudge and her Hershey Chocolate Fudge.

Annie's husband died 19 February 1964 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA and Annie died 10 September 1973 of a heart attack at her home in Pittsburgh. They are buried together in Allegheny Memorial Park.

Author: Her son Edmund Albert Turnbull