• Barbara Ann's Headstone


    Springcreek Cemetery: Mississauga, Ontario

    My Mum's headstone was installed on September 19 2007.

    Brent will fly home from Scotland in the fall of 2009 when Mum will be interred with her parents.

  • Barbara Ann's Trip to Scotland 2003

    I would like to start off by saying that I could never have had a better present in my life unless, of course it was the birth of my three wonderful children. (All of whom are my favourite.) Air Canada Flight Details

    As you know I kept a daily journal. The following pages depict the events, places and pictures of what I did.  It was the most exciting fascinating interesting three and half weeks I ever had. Meeting new relatives, being in the place where my Dad was born and grew up, “Spirit Walking” -- all of it became a very cherished memory for me.

    I just wanted the three of you to know how much I love you for what you did for me and to say


    Love ya


  • Donation to Cancer Research In Memory of Gordon

    Sandy Montgomery and Taryn Scott are doing the "weekend to End Breast Cancer" and raising funds for cancer research at the Jewish General Hospital in Montreal.

    As a result of your generosity and support, a cheque in the amount of $1,200.00 was presented to Sandy and Taryn, in memory of Gordon, at the golf club on June 27, 2008.

    I would like to thank all of you for making it a priority.


    Bruce Scott

  • Finn: the colt

    finn_mcgregor_250Oldenburg colt sired by Freestyle out of my mare Cordova

    My mare Nova gave birth to a gorgeous black colt at 8pm on April 12th, 2010.

    He came very quickly into the world, in perfect health with the same big star on his forehead as his mother, Cordova (Nova). He is a very curious little guy and adores receiving as much attention as anyone is willing to give him. He is such a well built and nice colt that he needed an extra special name, so I decided to call him 'Finn' after Edmund John Finnerty who we all know loved just as much as I do!!

  • Old Dolls' Birthday Party

    Eleanor, Doreen and Dorothy: Old Dolls' Birthday Party: Eleanor, Doreen and Dorothy

    We had a wonderful visit up to Rawdon on the weekend of August 5th for the 3 Old Dolls birthdays. Believe me, the term Old Dolls is meant only with a lot of love and respect for all three of these women (Eleanor, Dorothy and Doreen).

  • Remembering Gordon

    GORDON, Scott.
    Gramps, it has been a year since you've passed and yet I can still remember the day you left us as though it was yesterday. When you passed away, it was a very painful time for me because you truly were my role model. People always tell me to remember the good times that we shared together. What hurts the most is knowing there will never be any other moments in my life, I can share with you. My goal while you were still alive was to make you proud. I will continue on that dream, hoping you are watching over me and praying I can still make you proud. I think about you everyday, miss you everyday and I will continue to love you everyday.

    Rest in peace.

    Love Elisha and Melanie

    From the In Memorium section of The Montreal Gazette, 2 October 2008

  • Remembrance


    This is Remembrance week.

    Today, I bought my poppy from a box on a counter at work.I realised with some sadness that gone are the days when you would buy your poppy from a WWII Veteran.They stood proudly wearing their medals, Regimental crest and/or headdress.I always tried to buy my poppy from a real person because I liked to thank them.It is a small gesture, but it was sincere.As the years went on, it became increasingly difficult to find a WWII Veteran who was selling poppies.

  • Remembrance Day Parade 2007

    On Sunday November 11 my band and Regiment, The Toronto Scottish Regiment , participated in the Queen's Park Remembrance Day ceremony, then we marched the Regiment up Queen's Park, along Bloor and down Spadina to Knox Presbyterian Church (the Regimental Church).

  • Shereen Thompson - Expecting in January


    Shereen Thompson (daughter of Jackie Morin) and her partner Todd Stevens are expecting their first child in January.



  • Shereen Thompson and Poe - Local Celebrities


    Horsin' Around

    Shereen Thompson looks child-like aboard Poe, an eight-year-old Clydesdale she rescued a year ago, as they ride in a parade to kick off the Dresden Exhibition on Friday. 

    Poe is a contender for the Guinness Book of World Records for the tallest horse.  The record presently stands at just over 19.3 hands.  Poe is 20.2 hands. 

    He was a hit at the parade with onlookers constantly asking how large the horse is.